Cleaning Instructions

  • General - shoes

    We advise our customers the following cleaning and protection instructions for their Filling Pieces:

    Before wearing the Filling Pieces, please treat them with a premium quality transparent leather/suede/nubuck spray which protects against dirt, water and stains. Take care of the Filling Pieces regularly to maintain a constant level of protection. We advise to spray your pair of Filling Pieces every 2 weeks. Never put Filling Pieces in a washing machine!

  • General - clothing

    Every piece of our Apparel collection has a washing label. We recommend you to always follow the instructions on the label.

    You can find the detailed washing instructions down below. If anything is unclear or you want further advice, please get in touch with our Customer Service department.

    Click for Washing Instructions.

  • Nappa leather

    To remove any dirt and debris on Nappa leather, wipe the surface of the item with a dry lint-free cloth. For stains, use a cotton washcloth and lukewarm water. Make sure not to soak the leather. Simply dab at the stain carefully, and allow the leather to dry.

  • Suede

    Use a suede brush.
    Suede brushes usually have a wire-bristled side for brushing off debris and a rubber-bristled side for buffing up the nap of the suede. Gently brush your suede jacket, shoes or accessories, first with the soft side, then with the wire-bristled side.
    Use the brush to remove dirt and dust that has collected on your suede item. The brush will also remove scuff marks.
    If your item is muddy, allow the mud to dry before brushing it off.

    Brush in the direction of the fabric’ s grain to avoid tearing or damaging it.
    Avoid brushing too hard with the wire-bristled side. Use gentle, short strokes to freshen the nap.
    A toothbrush or textured cloth may also be used.

    Wear suede properly.
    Avoid wearing suede in conditions that may damage it, such as rainy or snowy weather. Hot, humid weather is also not optimal for suede.
    Avoid spraying suede with perfume, cologne, hairspray, or other items containing chemicals that might harm the suede
    Protect suede from sweat and oils by wearing a layer of clothing between the suede and your skin. Socks, shirts, and scarves are useful for protecting your suede from these types of stains.

    Store suede properly.
    Suede items should not be left out in the sun, since it could fade and warp the leather. Store suede items in a cool, dark closet.
    Wrap items that you don't use often in sheets or pill covers, or store between sheets of white paper.

    Don't let it sit.
    Treat stains immediately after they occur. The longer they sit on your suede item, the greater the chance that the stain will be permanently soaked into the leather.

    Prepare the suede item for cleaning.
    Before using any techniques or products on the suede, rub the surface of the item with a clean towel. This brings up the nap and prepares the surface for cleaning.

    Remove dry stains using a pencil eraser.
    Don't use a pink eraser, as this can transfer pink dye onto your items. Instead, use a colorless a white or brown gum eraser.
    If the pencil eraser doesn't work, gently rub a nail file over the dry stain.
    Avoid using a chemical stain remover. It could create even more damage, especially if it isn't designed for use on suede.

    Remove water stains by blotting immediately.
    Use a cloth to blot the liquid. Don't apply too much pressure, as this will force the water deeper into the fabric. Allow the water to dry after blotting.
    If the dried water stain is a different color from the rest of the item, try spraying the entire item with a light mist of water and allow it to dry. This will help the spot blend in.
    If your suede shoes got soaked, stuff them with paper or a shoehorn before letting them dry, to prevent the suede from getting misshapen

    Remove oil or grease stains with baking soda.
    When having oil or grease stains, spot these with baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours, then brush it away using a suede brush.

    Use a leather cleaner made specifically for suede.
    If none of the techniques you've tried appear to be working, buy special leather cleaner. These can be used to remove oil or grease stains from suede shoes and garments.
    If possible, use a cleaner made of natural ingredients. Some leather cleaners actually do more harm than good.

  • Nubuck

    Nubuck is a type of leather made from cowhide. Like suede, it is sanded to create a nap but while suede is made from the inside of the hide, nubuck is made from the outside, which is much stronger and which lasts longer. It is very vulnerable to soiling and staining, and it has to be cleaned and protected with tools and shoe care products that are specifically designed to care for suede and nubuck.

    Wipe your nubuck item with a nubuck cloth.
    This type of cloth is specially designed for cleaning nubuck. Nubuck cleaner is typically integrated within its fibers. Wipe with this regularly to remove light soiling and shiny spots. This prevents grime from building up.
    Wipe in several directions, using circular motions to clean all sides of the nap.
    Make sure to remove the laces before starting.

    Brush the surface with a nubuck block.
    Use a circular motion, taking care not to spend more than a few seconds on any area, as this could damage the nap. This will clear the nubuck of dirt.

    Clean a particularly soiled area with a nubuck cleaner.
    These cleaners come in liquid and aerosol form, and are formulated for use on nubuck. Spray the cleaner onto a nubuck cloth and wipe the entirety of the surface. Finish by brushing the nap to remove any residue.

    Wipe your nubuck routinely and apply a protectant.
    Regular wiping with a nubuck cloth will prevent you from having to resort to leather degreaser and leather cleaner. You should also apply a spray protectant at least every 6 months. Spray the item, then allow time for the nubuck to thoroughly dry before using or wearing it.
    The best time to spray this protectant is after cleaning your nubuck surface.

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