Filling Pieces

In 2009, Guillaume Philibert wanted to design a premium sneaker at a fair price point. This led to the birth of the Low Top. The first shoe to bridge the gap between streetwear and high fashion.

The Low Top became more than just a piece of footwear. It was a symbol of affordable, luxury design. A product that levelled the playing field. One that proved good design can unify.

A sneaker adopted by people of all sexes, races, religions, and sexualities. Today, the Low Top continues to be a symbol of a world united through the power of creativity, where boundaries between people have been erased. But we didn’t stop there.

Filling Pieces

In the almost fifteen years of existence, Filling Pieces grew from one single shoe to an international fashion brand with full footwear, clothing and accessories collections. At the intersection of high-end fashion and streetwear, Filling Pieces has been bridging the gap between different worlds and cultures—in fashion and beyond.

Filling Pieces

Our offering has continued to evolve, adapting and expanding to now include more innovative footwear silhouettes and a full ready-to-wear collection complete with bags, accessories and eyewear.

The desire to challenge the status quo and inspire through sheer creativity has never left us. With this mission, Guillaume has continued to push boundaries in the realms of luxury streetwear for over 10 years. Navigating the traditional fashion industry in a way that encourages diversity, inclusivity and representation. Fostering an environment for young creative talent within Filling Pieces itself, and last year on Holland's Next Top Model 2022. Joining the team as a judge, alongside the talented Yolanda Hadid, Philippe Vogelenzang and Loiza Lamers - in search of the next top model within the Netherlands.

Filling Pieces

“Every design choice we make is based on quality, responsibility and design, that also counts for where of how we produce. Each material that we source or way to fabricate this, comes with decision making with quality in mind.

To me quality is not only on how durable a product is, but also how it feels, ages and fits. This is our premise.”

- Guillaume Philibert

Filling Pieces

We believe in unity through diversity, using design as a language to create positive change. At Filling Pieces we champion youth, independence, creativity, inquisitivity and ambition.

We aim for the highest standards, whilst nurturing young talent and further encouraging the personal growth of our employees. Through our global network of family and friends, we connect like-minded people with the goal to create a better world. Our shared vision of the world is one free from division. We believe that the differences between us as individuals, is what make us stronger collectively.

Filling Pieces encourages those who dare to show initiative and stray from the beaten path, because we believe that only by finding our own way beyond the boundaries set by society can we improve.

Our way of life allows us to experience joy every day, and we wish to share these beliefs with the world.

Bridge the gap.

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