Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces x Differs

After two years, we are excited to finally announce our collaboration with Differs Group.
Together with their team, we restored two iconic Fiat Pandas 4x4,
bridging the gap between fashion and car culture.

Filling Pieces

First released in the 1980s, the Fiat Panda was designed as an accessible, easily maintained, and robust car, with the intention of bringing utilitarianism into everyday life. As a way to pay homage to its nostalgic design, we teamed up with Differs Group to track down two original 4x4 models - one in Italy, and one in the Netherlands - and spent the better part of two years deconstructing, remodeling, and redesigning the iconic cars.

Filling Pieces

“This car was made for such a diverse group of people, from different social classes, cultures and walks of life.”

Based on the collaborative restoration of the two cars, we developed a limited edition capsule collection. Composed of 5 items, the collection ties in with the design details of the Fiat Pandas, and includes a Fiat Panda hat, a one-off Curb sneaker with tonal leather and suede details, a Mountain boot featuring wool flannel as well as signature apparel pieces such as a t-shirt and hoodie, rendered in a beautiful off-white colorway with a custom artwork print on the back.

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The summer edition is outfitted to be the optimal car for trips to the beach, featuring soft, top grain leather seats, beige Alcantare sky- and side-panels, as well as tonal square weave flooring. The understated craftsmanship and detailing of the interior is balanced by the car’s bright and powerful Signal yellow exterior finish.

The winter edition is equipped for rougher climates and terrains, found in the colder parts of the world. Outfitted to be the perfect car for trips to the winter cabin in the forest, the Panda 4x4 features pull-bars, rugged tires, and functional off-road details in matte black, which are accentuated by a dark navy exterior, and warm, contrasting colors of bright orange and brown. The interior of the winter edition was fitted with design details, including flannel fabrics and thematic embroidery, inspired by mountaineering and winter sports.