When Guillaume Philibert Chin founded Filling Pieces in 2009, his goal was to create a shoe that bridges the gap between high-end fashion and streetwear. 
Today, our mission has become bigger than just a shoe. By way of footwear, clothing, and accessories, we aim to redefine luxury. Giving it an open and inclusive structure where people from all backgrounds share the same opportunities.  

With each new season we strive to help people identify with these values. Making the luxury market more inclusive by bridging the gap between different people, different cultures, different preferences, and different styles.

We’re here to make luxury fashion accessible to all.

Ready to bridge the gap?

Join our team by applying for one of our current job vacancies.

Filling Pieces

Flagship Store

Our flagship store is the place where our visions come to life and our community comes together. Showcasing our products, hosting events, and creating an immersive brand universe between high-end fashion and streetwear. 

Filling Pieces


Above the store are the Filling Pieces offices, the brains of our operation. A space where we come together, grow together, and shape the future of the brand.


We believe in the power of diversity, and embrace a horizontal internal structure. That means there is space for all, and everyone has a say.

Events & Activities

As a touchstone for our community, there is never a dull moment at Filling Pieces. Often hosting events, parties, and dinners for collections, collaborations and outings.

Filling Pieces

Our Core Values

We believe that our differences unite us.

We understand that culture is created by the people, for the people.

We recognise the important role that creative expression plays in enriching our lives.

We know that, as a community, we can accomplish anything.

We know and value the importance of being totally honest.

Filling Pieces

Application journey

We are not a traditional company. Our innovative approach is not only seen in our products, but also how we operate as a team. Celebrating a horizontal internal structure, Filling Pieces is a place where everyone has equal say. We nurture talent and reward dedication. How we recruit:

1. Easily Submit An Application
Check our current job openings here or send us an open application here.

2. Initial screening with HR
Our HR team will ask you a few quick questions to see if the position and our company values suit you, this is done by phone call or via email depending on the position.

3. First Interview with the Hiring Manager
During this interview you meet your future manager / colleagues, where we discuss the position and your expertise. For our interviews we use a structured set of interview questions tailored for each position to ensure a data-driven decision.

4. DISC analysis, Assessment and Reference Checks
We send you an online DISC analysis and assessment and have a quick chat with your references to see whether your expertise further matches the position and our expectations.

5. Second Interview
You meet with other stakeholders for the specific position and we get to know each other even better and more in depth.

6. Offer
Congratulations, you have passed the recruitment process and this is where we send you a proposal for the position.

7. Onboarding Process
After accepting the offer, we ensure a smooth onboarding and assign you a buddy for guidance, support, and a friendly connection as you integrate into your role and the team.

8. Welcome Lunches
Before your first day starts you are invited to our HQ for lunch with your team and to walk through our Flagship Store and pick out your welcome gift!

9. First Day
On your first day we have a Welcome Package ready for you at your desk.

10. Welcome Lunch Board
On set moments throughout the year new team members will have a lunch with our board to get to know each other better and to gain insights into our company's values and vision.

11. Check-Ins
After onboarding, HR checks in with you at 2 weeks and 2 months to ensure a smooth transition.

Filling Pieces

What we look for

We believe that we can only become better as a team and as an individual if you take full responsibility & ownership for your work and follow through on your commitments.

We believe that ambition creates drive. We want our team members to have an eagerness to continuously learn, adapt and develop. Always aiming for an 8+ mentality.

Of course, skills are also important. Show us what you’re good at, how your experiences have shaped you, and the skills you’ve learned along the way.

We look for people who are open-minded, meaning they don’t judge, think out of the box and are solution oriented. In addition, we want you to be transparent, making sure there is always open communication and a constructive feedback culture.

At the end of the day, work should be enjoyable. That’s why we encourage a warm working environment, where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and make sure to celebrate every win!

Filling Pieces

What we offer

Values Driven Company Culture
A company culture which is truly driven by our five core values; United by Diversity, Driven by Culture, Independent Creativity, Pragmatic Ambition, Transparency.

Empowering Growth
We stimulate development by offering a.o. training and learning opportunities, development plans and inspirational talks.

Thriving in Diversity
An environment where you can be yourself and flourish, where diversity is respected and individuality is valued and celebrated.

Events and Inspiration
Frequent events, such as our brand days, collection and strategy presentations, collaborations, charity work, workouts, inspirational talks from experts and workshops organized by our Culture Club.

We believe in fostering an office culture, but also recognise that sometimes work can get done better from home. That’s why our team enjoys a mixture of in-office and remote work. We know that life sometimes can throw you a curveball, we believe that with flexibility we can tackle everything.

Beautiful Headquarter
A beautiful headquarters located near the Dam Square in the very centre of Amsterdam. Close to all the best food spots

Friends & Family Website
As an employee you will have access to a Friends & Family exclusive online store where you can enjoy big discounts, and spend your free yearly in-store credits.

Open Up
Prioritizing mental well-being is crucial. We all need some support to keep our mental well-being in check, and that’s where Open Up comes in. A platform where their certified psychologists and lifestyle experts offer goal-oriented 1:1 support, group sessions, masterclasses and self-guided care.

Other Percs
There is always more, such as a pension scheme for your later years, enough leave days to truly ensure a healthy work-life balance, exclusive discounts at our favorite brands or places such as at the Butcher and Fest.