Filling Pieces

Another year of freedom marks the celebration of Keti Koti. Every year on July 1st, we commemorate the 1863 abolition of slavery in Surinamaxe and the Dutch Antilles. Meaning "broken chains" in Sranantongo, Keti Koti celebrates the resilience of those who fought for freedom and the rich cultures that have endured and thrived since then

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces

KLABU and Filling Pieces are proud to continue their ongoing collaboration, presenting the new ‘United Spirit’ capsule collection with the theme of Family for Keti Koti 2024. The celebration of family holds significant importance in Surinamese culture as it serves as a moment to pay respect to the past and welcome the future. Family represents unity, the reflection of heritage, the upholding of traditions, and the creation of new ones.

Filling Pieces

The shirt's design draws from the Surinamese flag and culture, featuring colourful collar and sleeve details, a minimalist KLABU butterfly print, and elements of the Dutch and Surinamese flags, honouring the diaspora in the Netherlands. "United Spirit" is emblazoned on the sponsor's space, and a roaring jaguar, symbolising oppression and resilience, adorns the back.

Filling Pieces

For the campaign, 16 Surinamese friends and family, including football legend and DJ Eljero Elia, rappers Architrackz and Latifah, DJ FS Green, and Filling Pieces Founder Guillaume Philibert with his children, modelled the design. KLABU and Filling Pieces invite everyone to both celebrate Keti Koti and support the Suriname Spirit project, by wearing the ‘United Spirit: Family’ capsule collection.


Every purchase directly contributes to our new 'Unity for Suriname' initiative, a collaborative mission to build a Clubhouse in a local Surinamese community, creating a safe space for culture, education, sports, and music.

Discover more about the project by clicking the button below.

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces

KLABU empowers refugees worldwide through the transformative power of sport, building clubhouses that offer dignity, hope, and self-confidence. Unique sportswear, co-designed with local communities, is available to supporters who want to make a difference.

Active projects are in Kenya, Bangladesh, Greece, and the Netherlands, with partners like UNHCR and Paris Saint-Germain. Proceeds from KLABU’s sportswear fund these projects, helping to create a global community of supporters. Join KLABU and support refugee sports projects by purchasing their sportswear at or at the KLABU Store & Clubhouse in Amsterdam.

Much love to everyone who contributed to this meaningful project.

Photographer : Ashley Röttjers 
Director Video : Sybren Tieleman via Stickystuff Agency
Art Director : Marlou Rutten 
Creative Producer : Chantal Folman 
DOP : Mark Groen 
Gaffer : Geert de Veer 
MUA : Bjorn Mohamadmoesman
Editor : Rychto Lawalata 
1st AC : Nicholas 
Rentals : 711 Rent
Special thanks to : Friso van Donkersgoed 
Set Designer : Chris Amaro & Brooke
Studio : Parq Studios
Colourgrader : Raoel 
Catering : Tjin’s 
Sound producer : DJ Chuckie

Maria Tailor and daughter, DJ Chuckie with son and daughter, Quincy Eijk with mom and sons, Defano Holwijn and friend, Rakesh Kanhai and Tiffany Hiralal, Regi Blinker with daughter and grandson, Latifah with daughter and niece, Danielle van Grondelle with mom and grandmother, Eljero Elia and son, Architrackz and son, Guillaume Philibert with brother, sister, son and daughter, Howard Komproe and daughter, FS Green and brother, Dolores Leeuwin and father, Zinaida van Latesteijn with daughter and son, Mandy Woelkens and son