Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces

Reducing our impact

Filling Pieces started its responsibility program in 2019. Since then, our mission is to be conscious of the impact of every decision we make and communicate this transparently and honestly to the members of our community.

Filling Pieces

We are far from perfect, nor are we a perfectly sustainable brand. But we strongly believe that with this program we push ourselves and our community in the right direction. Below you find an overview of the goals we have achieved and the goals we are still working on.

6,83 euro is the total additional cost to produce a more responsible shoe

Filling Pieces

We substituted a petroleum-based eva compound for a bio-based sugarcane alternative.
+ 1,00 EURO

Eliminating the use of pesticides and respecting cotton plants’ natural life cycle.
+ 0,20 EURO

Our factories are in Portugal - the country that produces 1/3 of the world’s cork. We switched a plastic-based PU sole for one constructed of recycled cork.
+ 0,00 EURO

Filling Pieces

We offset transport and factory emissions by investing in carbon-negative projects.
+ 0,61 EURO

We work with Trace your Leather Coorperative (TLC) using organic hides - a byproduct of cows raised for organic meat. Traditional tanning methods have been substituted for a chrome-free process, eliminating the use of metals.
+ 4,22 EURO

Organic leather lining isn't yet available to us so we used a more responsible alternative in the form of recycled pet mesh.
+ 0,80 EURO

Filling Pieces

What you can do

Double check your fit with our size guides.
The most common reason for returns is the wrong size which puts a big strain on the environment.

Take good care of your purchases.
You can really extend the life of your products by caring for them properly. Speak to our customer service team to find out more.