Filling Pieces

Vrouwendag 2022

Tuesday, 8th of March, 2022
Today we celebrate women around the world.

In the spirit of diversity, acceptance, and equality, the Filling Pieces team visited two inspiring women - Kimberly
Willems & Ellen Brudet - in their respective places of work. Throughout a day of meaningful conversations, we learned
about the different ways in which they devote themselves to empowering the women around them.

This video is dedicated to them, and the countless other women who are doing amazing work.
Happy International Women’s Day.

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces

Resources & Initiatives

Naturally, we couldn’t talk to all the inspiring women in our community - they’re busy changing the world after all. Nonetheless, we would like to use our platform to give them and their empowering initiatives the spotlight they deserve.

Below you can find some initiatives that are dedicated to making a difference.

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces