Throughout the 12 years we have been producing our shoes in Portugal, we have always stayed loyal to the same factories. In total, we have three factories which produce our footwear. All of them were started as a family business, and have been perfecting the craft of making quality shoes for 25 to 40 years. The spirit, passion, as well as the relationships they maintain with their employees and clients is unlike we have ever experienced. We wholeheartedly believe that it is a key contributor to the success we have had over the years.


Given that our footwear has been produced in Portugal for over 12 years, it was only logical for us to start making our apparel collection there as well. Filling Pieces RTW produces 95% of its garments in Portugal and 5% in Romania. Since the inception of the RTW line, we have built strong relationships with our factories. We feel that having a strong foundation of a good partnership is the first step of creating a high quality garment. That’s why our production team considers the factory as a part of the team.