Filling Pieces

An Island Tale

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As part of our on-going efforts to support creatives, we gave photographer and Martinique-native Kenny Germé full freedom to shoot our latest editorial. Guided by his creative vision, the project captures the cultural essence of what influenced our Spring-Summer 2022 collection, titled Caribbean Riviera.

Filling Pieces

Together, we travelled to Martinique, exploring the island’s rich culture via Germé’s family roots, and paying homage to the Caribbean’s influence on fashion.

Having a strong personal connection to his home island Martinique, Kenny curated a week-long shoot around several things that, to him, represent island living, including a Bèlè ceremony, rooster breeding, sugar cane fields, fishing, as well as the craftsmanship and use of the traditional Coutelas Machete.

What does this project mean to you?

It means a lot because it is my chance to show my roots through my eyes. I think after countries like Ghana and Nigeria, the world is going to look to Caribbean islands like Martinique for inspiration, and I feel honoured in playing a part in making this culture visible to the world.

How would you describe Martinique creole culture?

It's a true melting pot. For example, you find food that’s originally brought to the island by independent labourers from India who came to work on the sugar cane plantations in the 19th and 20th century.

Then you have various African influences, from places like Benin, Togo, Senegal, and the Congo, due to the slave trade on the island.

On top of that you can find influences from US culture, like New Orleans, as well as Native and South American culture. The combination of all these influences is what makes up creole culture.

Filling Pieces


Photographer: Kenny Germé
Stylist: Edem Dossou
Models: Estelle Enette, François-Xavier Nadeau, Nomie, Steeve Tresfield, Teddy Pinel-Fereol, Yannis
Make Up Artist: Orlena Be
Local Producer: Stedy Theodore
Assistant Production: Laetitia Bonheur

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces

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