Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces x Schott NYC

We are excited to reveal our latest collaboration with New York City heritage brand Schott.
Together with their team, we reinterpreted the classic bombardier jacket, of
which a limited run of 77 jackets were produced.

Filling Pieces

The olive green, shearling lined jacket features FP’s signature Surinamese hand-shake emblem, salmon coloured leather straps, subtle logo embroidery on the pocket, and has been crafted by Schott’s master tailors using leather hides that have been exclusively tanned for the brand using specifications which were developed over the course of more than 100 years.

From aviation to street culture, the bombardier has demonstrated impressive versatility since its inception in the mid 1900’s. Made with high end materials, expert craftsmanship, innovative functional details, and radiating rich heritage, this jacket is a true manifestation of both Schott’s legacy, and Filling Pieces’ vision of bridging the gap.

Filling Pieces

A reinterpretation of the classic bombardier jacket

That being said, heritage - both as a concept and what it represents - is different for everyone. For this reason, we worked with a selection of talent in order to create a series of content which reflects their personal interpretation of what the classic bombardier jacket means to them, in the context of their own style and heritage.

Kwollem & Faizah

London based and just married; Music producer Ken and creative producer Faizah tapped into the rich heritage of the rural UK in order to portray the classic bombardier jacket in an environment in which it looks and feels totally at home.


Based on the feeling of authenticity and luxury he got from this collaborative piece, Swiss rapper Slimka and two of his long-time friends added their own flavor in the way they depicted the FP x Schott bombardier jacket on the streets of their hometown Geneva.


Friend, rapper, and long-time collaborator Sor brought to life his personal vision of what the classic silhouette and history of the bombardier jacket represent. Captured in Amsterdam - the city he calls home, where his music career started, and his crew is based - the images present the FP x Schott jacket in a light of nostalgia and heritage.

Valentin Rosier

Starting defender for Turkish football club Besiktas, Valentin Rosier is a sharp shooter both on and off the field. Referring to the bombardiers military history, the french footballer captured the FP x Schott jacket in transit, and at the local shooting range.