What quality means to us

“Every design choice we make is based on quality, responsibility and design, that also counts
for where of how we produce. Each material that we source or way to fabricate this,
comes with decision making with quality in mind.

To me quality is not only on how durable a product is, but also how it feels, ages and fits.
This is our premise.”

- Guillaume Philibert

Filling Pieces

Our process

Filling Pieces came to be because our founder Guillaume felt that the type of products he wanted to wear simply didn’t exist on the market. He went on to create his own and, starting with the very first product sketch, he made sure that quality and comfort were part of Filling Pieces’ design equation.

As a product focused company, we live by creating quality products which have unique designs and are made in the most responsible way possible. This starts with our design approach, and continues to guide our process including material selection, as well as where, how, and with whom we produce the footwear, apparel and accessories we offer.



In the 12 years that Filling Pieces has produced in Portugal, we have created strong relationships with our material suppliers. These relationships have been an integral role in our ability to ensure high quality and timely delivery in exchange for a fair price. All our suppliers have grown with us over the years, not only in the scale of their business, but also through the creation of new materials and the attainment of new certifications.


The way we select our materials is by requiring a specific making standard. This, combined with an eye for detail, is how we aim to create quality products that last. As we produce in Europe, our make-cost average is quite high. In order to maintain a healthy price to quality ratio for our products we do our best to source and buy our materials in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, we develop design details that will give our products a unique touch, without inflating the price.

The end result

After 12 years of designing, building relationships with suppliers, factories, and optimizing our production processes, we can proudly say that we continue to bridge the gap between different people, cultures and disciplines, using product as our tool.

From design, to material selection, innovation, and production, our products stand for quality and craftsmanship.

Filling Pieces


Filling Pieces

Designed in Amsterdam. Handcrafted in Europe. Worn by individuals from all over the world.